Annual Calf Competition

Sep 3, 2018

Our annual competition is now open. In brief a member can send photos of a calf for viewing at the AGM

1. The calf must be under 12 months of age on the day of the AGM
2. The calf must be a pure Piemontese
3. Two photographs of the calf are required side and rear and ear tag number of the calf must be written on the back of the photo along with date of birth.
4. The calf can be male or female
5. Anyone not attending the AGM can send their photos to Craig Culley to be entered and any who is attending may bring their photos with them. Photo can be within an email to (if sending by post they should be received no later than 22nd September 2018).

The Winner will receive a Plaque to keep and hold the Anaborapi Trophy to be returned before the 2019 AGM.